Protect Your Critical Data and IT Infrastructure

Your business continuity is only as strong as your ability to protect and quickly restore your critical data and IT infrastructure. Industry-leading support and managed services from Path Forward IT provide protection that never sleeps.

With solutions developed to exceed the rigorous security and privacy protocols in place for healthcare, your IT systems and data are monitored 24/7/365 by experienced engineers and protected by best-in-class solutions.

We believe security is non-negotiable, so we maintain and update a checklist of security requirements and recommended data protection solutions to ensure our clients keep pace with the ever-changing security landscape.

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Patient Shield

Powered by Cohesity, Patient Shield is our data protection solution developed specifically for healthcare providers to restore EMR data quickly. With no hardware dependency, your data is encrypted at rest and in transit with FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certified algorithms. All critical data is immutable to prevent malware penetration and backups are monitored for anomalous changes to verify protected data is free from any threats.

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Data Shield

Our Data Shield services apply the same rigorous standards as Patient Shield, but for non-healthcare organizations. With the ability to monitor and protect the full spectrum of workloads including physical servers, cloud applications, databases and more, we develop customized, Cohesity-powered data protection solutions that match your workflow and security needs.

Customized Solutions Delivered by IT Experts


Detect and Stop Phishers

Recognize and stop phishing attacks before you’re hit by a data breach or ransomware. We help you run simulated phishing attacks and security awareness training programs that work.


Training & Education

We provide personalized training and documentation programs to help your team correctly utilize your technology’s full features and capabilities while meeting regulatory training requirements.


Proper Sizing

We calculate specific workloads and protection expectations to deliver a customized security solution. You receive best-in-class protection and support, and your recovery point will never be a surprise.


Flexibility & Speed

We can replicate data to and from anywhere in the world and can implement your solution the same day you need it.


Full-Range Protection

We can protect any workload, including VMs, physical servers, databases, clusters, and cloud applications, then restore it to any hardware or cloud environment.


Unwavering Support

Our IT experts are specifically trained in data protection for your environment, monitoring alerts and resolving issues before they affect you. We’re on call and standing by to detect, contain, and mitigate threats 24/7/365.


Proactive Auditing

Weekly and quarterly audits review your protection, hardware, and security configurations. Data protection is validated by timing all local and offsite restores quarterly via regular testing.


True Partnership

We prioritize strong customer relationships over vendor incentives. We start by listening objectively to your business needs and goals, then we recommend the right mix of brands for providing flexible, scalable data protection solutions that serve your needs today and grow with your organization.

An Ongoing History of Elevated Standards

With nearly two decades as technology subject matter experts serving leading healthcare organizations, we bring the same high-caliber service to clients in the education, financial services, and manufacturing industries. We offer a highly responsive service model, and we specialize in meeting complex requirements, including HIPAA and other industry-specific compliance regulations. Through collaborative partnership your teams, our IT experts customize proven solutions to meet your unique security and protection needs.

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Powered by Cohesity

Our experienced team of certified experts is ready to optimize the power of Cohesity for your protection. Cohesity’s unified data management platform eliminates silos, reduces complexity, and has the potential for unlimited scalability. We customize your solution then proactively monitor it on your behalf — at a cost that works for your budget. In the event of disaster or breach, we instantly respond with a dedicated team to minimize your downtime, so you are always protected.

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