Your compliance and risk management program is the foundation for your company’s operations, IT infrastructure, and organizational strategy. Your clients—and your cybersecurity insurance provider—expect you to run a compliance program that integrates IT security, human capital, and operations into an effective whole. Without enforceable policies for system maintenance, security, and documentation, you can’t respond when things go wrong and may also jeopardize your regulatory standing.

Turn to a partner with proven IT security and compliance expertise who can help you navigate today’s complex regulatory environment. Our experience in healthcare means we’re well-versed in technology configurations and processes that meet HIPAA, HITECH, and CMS requirements. We apply the same high standards to other businesses, including expertise in internal controls and compliance in manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and education.

What We Can Do For You

Secure Your Information

Our experts help update or revamp your IT environment to ensure your systems meet or exceed all requirements for secure maintenance, transmission, and handling of crucial data such as electronic protected health information (ePHI), or controlled unclassified information (CUI).

Self-Audit Support

Don’t wait for a payor or regulatory audit to learn about your compliance obligations. Avoid CAPs and improve your audit response time with self-audits. We help you design internal audit and monitoring programs to identify and address risks and noncompliance.

Real-Time Reporting

Spend less time on documentation and audit prep. We can help you automate key actions such as testing, evidence collection, and reporting on remediation efforts.

Timely Disclosures

We ensure your disclosure controls, procedures, and reporting tools are configured to generate timely, accurate data reflecting any changes in your company’s fiscal prospects or financial performance.

Records Retention

Internal automated backup processes as well as off-site or cloud-based redundancies preserve important documents, including email archives and connected-business content. We also help you carefully modernize your systems without risk of historical document or data loss.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

There’s more to continuity than recovering your data. Our team can walk you through the steps to develop an effective BC/DR plan, from risk assessment to figuring out exactly how many printers your payroll team needs.

Detect and Stop Phishers

Raise the bar and train your employees to recognize and stop phishing attacks before you’re hit by data breaches or ransomware. We help you run simulated phishing attacks and employee security awareness training programs that work.

Training & Education

We provide guidance and education to help your team correctly utilize your technology’s full features and capabilities and meet regulatory training requirements. We can also design a personalized training and documentation program specific to your business needs.

Our Experience Protects Your Organization

Your company doesn’t run without its IT infrastructure—don’t cut corners or gamble with unproven partners. Our engineers apply decades of expertise to maintaining the integrity of your systems and reporting processes, so your organization is never exposed to undue risk through your technology.


HIPAA Fluency

Our roots in healthcare mean we possess a deep understanding of every major EMR, as well as the complex demands on ePHI, patient privacy and security, practice management, billable hours, and overhead.


Data Protection

Our Patient Shield and Data Shield services are designed to stand up to today’s increasingly advanced cybersecurity threats. Our services were designed from the ground up to meet key regulatory requirements and to help you focus on running your company.


Integration Expertise

Our experienced engineers can integrate automatic reporting functionality into many of today’s most commonly use enterprise software solutions.


Customized Engagements

We don’t do “cookie cutter” engagements or packages. Instead, we tailor every solution to match your specific business needs and compliance requirements.


Proactive Monitoring

Whether through our managed services offerings, ongoing support contracts or automation configurations, we proactively monitor your IT environment to mitigate compliance issues immediately.


Internal Control and Audit Preparation

Our team runs IT, financial, and operational audits for manufacturing, retail, not-for-profit, and healthcare organizations. We can evaluate your current internal control framework and, if necessary, help you design and implement new or improved controls.

Let’s get to work.

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