We help your business escape from digital transformation limbo. Because our only agenda is to support your success, we provide objective insight and solutions that match your organization’s true needs. Whether you are migrating to the cloud, implementing system upgrades, switching to a new platform, or integrating new software solutions into your existing business processes, our experienced IT engineers help you develop an organized, achievable plan for change.

Expert Solutions to Streamline Digital Transformation

Readiness Assessments

Through in-depth stakeholder interviews and an objective analysis of your business’ strengths and weaknesses, we’ll help you determine just how prepared your organization is to implement change.

Project Requirements

Your project requirements must be clearly outlined–in detail–before you even begin to implement change. Our digital transformation consulting services include development of comprehensive project specifications that will guide your process forward.

System Selection

Our recommendations are always based on your true business requirements, not our preferred partnerships. Through our national network of resources, we pool our buying power to offer competitive rates for the solutions that best fit your needs.

Education & Training

Bring all your team members up to speed quickly and cost-effectively. We provide ongoing training to help your staff utilize your system's full capabilities and ensure readiness against the latest forms of phishing attempts.

See Outsourced IT Projects in a New Light

Working with a partner often requires compromising your workflow or giving up important project requirements to conform to your technology partner. We’re changing the game at Path Forward IT. Our services and solutions always have – and always will – revolve around you.


Solution Agnostic

We maintain relationships with multiple solutions providers, so we offer unbiased expertise on the ideal solution for your organization. We prioritize your business requirements over our internal company sales.


Assigned IT Manager

Your primary contact will always be a technical IT Manager, not a member of our sales team. Working directly with an IT Manager enables us to solve your problems more quickly.


Concierge-Style Service

We provide hands-on guidance, using customized implementation timelines to transition your organization’s existing workflow to your desired future state.


Control Costs

Flexible service agreements allow you to engage Path Forward IT fractionally, move faster by skipping the red tape for incremental scope adjustments, eliminate operating costs, and avoid expense creep.


True Partnership

We prioritize strong customer relationships over vendor incentives. We start by listening objectively to your business needs and goals, then we recommend the right mix of brands for providing flexible, scalable IT solutions that serve your needs today and grow with your organization.


Legacy System Expertise

No matter which platforms your organization is currently using, we’ll deliver a seamless journey to a modern solution–or help you achieve even more value from your existing IT environment.

Let’s get to work.

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