Free yourself from the expense and headaches of managing on-site solutions by moving your data, workloads, and applications to the cloud. Though cloud services may be the obvious solution for your organization, the process of getting there can be daunting.

Our experienced engineers make your transition to the cloud smoother. With decades of experience providing IT support and services for healthcare organizations, we help you achieve the same high level of security, privacy, and efficiency in your organization. Let us help you capitalize on all the benefits of a public, private, or hybrid cloud solution while minimizing your risk of data loss or business interruption.

Expert-Delivered Cloud Services & Support


Cloud Advisory

Make your journey to the cloud seamless and straightforward. Our experienced engineers help you draft an achievable, organized plan to migrate your data to the cloud or upgrade your current cloud solution.


Cloud Migration

Free yourself from migration paralysis and ensure your transition proceeds smoothly. Our technical experts create a comprehensive migration roadmap to align your teams, minimize disruption, and avoid surprises.


Hybrid And Multi-Cloud Services

Control costs while maintaining your ability to scale when needed by moving your organization’s data to the public cloud. Our expert cloud services engineers will ensure you never compromise security or control.


Managed Cloud

Offload daily management and support of your cloud solution to experienced engineers who understand your business workflow and cloud configuration. Our managed cloud services include proactive 24/7/365 monitoring, updates, and patching, as well as data recovery and restoration in the event of a security breach.


Cloud Backup Services

Let our experienced engineers oversee the creation and management of real-time copies of your data. We’ll step in immediately to restore your data in the event of loss.


Cloud Disaster Recovery Services

Rely on a stable, seasoned partner to mitigate the fallout in the event of a disaster or outage. Our team diligently matches your DR plan to meet your risk tolerance. Your restore point will never be a surprise. We minimize disruption and get you back up and running quickly.

Why Partner with Path Forward IT?

We mitigate the IT integration, operational, and back-office process issues that make your organization feel stuck. In addition to solving complex technological challenges and streamlining your IT operations, we optimize the levers that help achieve productivity, scale, and long-term value for your organization.

As a Path Forward IT partner, you’ll have access to a deep, national bench of IT talent, specialty experts, and 24/7/365 security and help desk support.

Efficiency & Agility

Not only can we quickly scale to meet your integration and IT support needs, Path Forward IT presents a faster alternative to building your own IT support and technical teams.

Customized Solutions

Our experts customize solutions to mirror and support your workflows while creating a more unified and comprehensive technical environment.

Concierge-Style Service

We provide hands-on guidance, using a customized implementation timeline that transitions your organization’s existing workflow to your desired future state.

Ongoing Support

Our ongoing IT support services ensure every staff member within your organization is empowered with the right tools and technology 24/7.

Mitigate Risk

Partnering with experienced engineers ensures your technology stack meets all industry compliance requirements and protects data and other sensitive information against threats.

Control Costs

Flexible service agreements allow you to engage Path Forward IT fractionally, eliminate operating costs, and avoid expense creep.

Proven Technology Partnerships to Power Your Organization

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