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In today’s fast-paced, hyper-connected business world, your IT decisions can supercharge your success–or keep your business stuck in place. Since 2002, Path Forward IT has been troubleshooting, architecting, migrating, protecting, and securing IT environments for businesses across the country. Our origins as a healthcare IT services company means we have developed rigorous protocols that withstand the highest demands for privacy, security, integration, and infrastructure. We continue to apply these elevated standards to clients across a multitude of high-impact industries.

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At Path Forward IT, our mission is to improve our clients’ efficiency and effectiveness with unbiased guidance, seamless IT systems and applications support, and an unrelenting commitment to service. We dedicate the time to truly listen to every client’s business objectives, evaluating where they stand today and providing unbiased insight on which services and solutions will truly meet their objectives. Every client we work with receives our undivided attention as we work together to create more efficient and resilient businesses.

See How Our Values Drive Our Decisions–And Your Results

We take our company values seriously. Every action is rooted in our commitment to deliver outstanding results that are free from bias, outside influence, or personal agenda. We’re proud to be an IT services company that continually exceeds our clients’ expectations.


We go out of our way to prioritize others’ needs


We propose solutions, we don’t pass the buck


We treat others as we want to be treated


We’re honest and forthright at all times


We say what we mean, and mean what we say


We listen to others’ emotions and expectations

Path Forward IT Leadership Team

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Tabby Stoeppel

Chief Executive Officer

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Matt Haines

Chief Operating Officer

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Pete Bajalcaliev

Chief Technology Officer

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Adam Brock

Senior Director
Data Protection

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Emley Henter

Application Services

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Chris Burgin

AV Services

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Gary Hollenkamp

Client Engagement

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Adam Thomas


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Josh Muston

Networking Services

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Greg Stegman

Quality Assurance

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Alex Turner

Support Operations

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Rob Foust

Support Team Manager

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