In today’s healthcare environment, advanced audio-visual systems are essential. These systems enhance operational efficiency, improve patient experiences, and support immersive learning for medical professionals.

From patient education in waiting rooms to telehealth and remote consultations, our AV solutions facilitate seamless collaborations across various locations and providers.

We provide complete audio-visual packages, from consultation and design to implementation and training.

Audio-Visual System Integration

Our comprehensive AV integration services include:

  • Patient Wi-Fi: Ensuring connectivity for patients and visitors to stay informed and entertained.
  • Enhanced Patient Experience: Leveraging AV technology for wayfinding, digital signage, video walls, plus targeted audio and video programming for different areas.
  • Collaboration Services: Meeting room set up with conferencing capabilities facilitate effective remote communication across healthcare facilities.
  • Creating a Secure, Comfortable Environment: Physical security solutions, automated controls for lighting, sound, privacy, temperature.
  • Conference Room Scheduling: Streamlining the booking and management of meeting spaces.

Post-Installation Support

After installation, we ensure you are fully equipped to use the new systems with ease:

  • Training: Hands-on training sessions for your staff to maximize the use of new AV tools.
  • User Guides: Detailed manuals and user guides are provided to help navigate the new technology effortlessly.
  • 24/7 Helpdesk Support: Live, US-based helpdesk support
  • Remote monitoring & management:  We monitor your connections and system performance remotely and address issues proactively.
  • Patching and updates:  Ensure ongoing software compatibility and security with our patching services.

Experience the difference with our tailored audio-visual solutions designed for the dynamic needs of modern healthcare facilities.


We aren’t simply installing your AV equipment. We are helping you create an experience.

Our technicians specialize in AV technologies, but they are part of a larger IT services company, including experts in network infrastructure, data storage solutions, configuring security, application support for Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and more.

More than AV services.

Our team is part of an IT services company that specializes on serving healthcare environments.

What does that mean?

  • Our technicians get regular HIPAA training which means they are available to work onsite at your location anytime it’s convenient for your office staff – during clinic hours or after afterhours.
  • Network connections are HIPAA compliant for secure video conferencing and data integration.
  • AV customers get access to full 24/7 help desk support and on-site visits
  • Seamless integration with your existing tech stack and IT environment.

Residential Services

Based on high customer demand, we added residential services to our offerings several years ago. Happy clients in the healthcare environment want the same level of expertise to help design high-end entertainment systems in their homes. It’s a great testament to the excellent service and trusted relationships we develop with our clients.

Full Conference Room and AV Service Offerings Download

Learn more to enhance your healthcare facility’s communication and patient care. Download our PDF on Path Forward AV Conference Room and Service Offerings to discover how advanced technology can transform your operations.

Path Forward AV Conference Room and Service Offerings

Expert A/V Services & Solutions


Digital Signage & Conferencing

Activate your spaces and improve connection between staff and customers with leading-edge meeting room enhancement solutions, monitors, live presentation audio-video systems, and more.


(Commercial & Residential)

Create a safer work environment by installing powerful but discreet state-of-the-art surveillance systems. Monitor overall building access and access to sensitive spaces with today’s best access control systems.


Lighting & Climate Control
(Commercial & Residential)

Achieve greater control over your environment and reduce energy consumption with automated climate controls and custom lighting solutions you can manage easily.


Smart Home Design
(Commercial & Residential)

Our A/V services experts design and install smart home technologies such as lighting control, panelized lighting, and multi-media control systems that improve the entertainment experience, increase convenience, control, and security in commercial and residential applications.


(Commercial & Residential)

Make sure your network is reliable and protected. We provide professional grade networks for both residential and commercial applications. All network devices are remotely monitored by Path Forward IT.


Cabling & Wiring
(Commercial & Residential)

Whether it’s an existing structure or a new build, make sure your new technology is wired correctly. Our expert-installed cabling and wiring exceed safety requirements and set you up to scale smoothly when you’re ready.


Multi-Zone A/V Distribution
(Commercial & Residential)

Connect audio and video feeds throughout your space. We help you implement multi-room/zone audio and video solutions that are straightforward to manage. We also design and install reliable outdoor A/V systems (speakers, TVs) that bring new life to plazas, open-air dining areas, and other outdoor social and professional spaces.


Home Theaters

Bring larger-than-life entertainment experiences to the comfort of your home (or office). We design home theater systems with the latest projection or OLED screens and advanced surround sound systems.


Pro Audio
(Commercial & Residential)

Ensure the sound at your large scale or outdoor event space works flawlessly. Our audio experts help you design and install proven sound systems that integrate seamlessly with the rest of your A/V stack.

Why Partner with Path Forward IT?

We mitigate the IT integration, operational, and back-office process issues that make your organization feel stuck. In addition to solving complex technological challenges and streamlining your IT operations, we optimize the levers that help achieve productivity, scale, and long-term value for your organization.

As a Path Forward IT partner, you’ll have access to a deep, national bench of IT talent, specialty experts, and 24/7/365 security and help desk support.

Efficiency & Agility

Not only can we quickly scale to meet your integration and IT support needs, Path Forward IT presents a faster alternative to building your own IT support and technical teams.

Customized Solutions

Our experts customize solutions to mirror and support your workflows while creating a more unified and comprehensive technical environment.

Concierge-Style Service

We provide hands-on guidance, using a customized implementation timeline that transitions your organization’s existing workflow to your desired future state.

Ongoing Support

Our ongoing IT support services ensure every staff member within your organization is empowered with the right tools and technology 24/7.

Mitigate Risk

Partnering with experienced engineers ensures your technology stack meets all industry compliance requirements and protects data and other sensitive information against threats.

Control Costs

Flexible service agreements allow you to engage Path Forward IT fractionally, eliminate operating costs, and avoid expense creep.

Best-in-Industry Solutions and Technologies

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